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The Holy Eucharist

Through a Pew Research poll in 2019, it was found that only one-third of US Catholics believe in the Real Presence of the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ present in the Eucharist. This staggering number has caused a mass response (no pun intended) by the Church, her Bishops and priests, and all who teach the faith. Join Father Andy and Vince as they discuss the Catholic Faith and Her understanding of the Eucharist as the Source and Summit of our Christian life (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1324).

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So, what’s YOUR resolution?

As we begin another New Year, Vince and Father Andy take some time to look back on the last year. There has been so much that has happened in the last year, and it’s important that we look back to see where we have been, as well as to take time to see where we are going.

Vince and Father Andy also take some time to answer some of our listener’s questions. As always, if you have a question, submit it here on our website!

The Story of Christmas

Emmanuel, God IS with us!

Today, we have so much to celebrate. The Savior, who came to feed the nations by sacrificing Himself for our sins was born. He had to become flesh to die for our sins, and so, as all the prophets foretold of Him, and the Virgin Mother longed for Him beyond all telling, He has come to His people to set them free! Our salvation is with us, and this is why we celebrate!

Join Vince and Fr. Andy as they discuss the Manger scene as well as other personal traditions.

As we wait in Joyful Hope

So, Thanksgiving is over, Christmas music has been playing since October 30, it must now be the Christmas Season, right??? WRONG! We still have a four(ish) week season of preparation to participate in first! So we wait, patiently, in joyful hope for the coming of Jesus Christ during this holy season of Advent.

Advent, being a season of preparation, calls us to prepare our hearts, our homes, our world for the coming of Jesus Christ. He has come once as a child, so now we prepare when He comes again as the King. Listen to our podcast this week as we discuss some of the history and practices of advent both in our church and in the Christian world.

Season 1, Episode 5


Who is Mary and why do Catholics have a devotion to her? The Bible has many correlations between the Old Testament and Mary. Mary is the New Eve. There are many references to Mary as the Ark of the New Covenant. Mary, the Mother of God, intercedes for us. In this episode, we give a brief introduction to Mary and explain why we hold her in such high regard. We wish we had more time to talk about her in this episode, but we promise to go into more detail in future episodes.

Happy Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is not a Catholic holiday, however, it is an opportunity to give thanks to God for all that he has given us. It is also a great time to show compassion to your neighbor. What does the Eucharist and Thanksgiving have in common? You’ll find out if you listen.


Evangelization is what all Catholics are called to do. In our modern world the ability to reach people far and wide has never been easier. What can Christians do to evangelize in today’s society? In this episode, we talk about how to spread the faith through the use of podcasts, social media, virtual reality, augmented reality, websites, and much more.

Who are you?

In this episode, we introduce ourselves and our new weekly podcast, Encounter Mercy. We are two young guys (a Catholic priest and a father of two small children) with a mission to bring Christ to the world through the utilization of 21st century means and methods. Join us as we tell you our stories and set expectations for future episodes.

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