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The Holy Trinity

How does one try to explain the mystery of the Trinity? In our Catholic Faith, we try to uncover this mystery, and yet we fail at its complete comprehension of this mystery, because it is just that: a mystery,

Join Father Andy and Vince as they discuss the Trinity and try try try their hardest to understand the Trinity.

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Everyone has a God-given role in this world, and we sometimes call this role our vocation. When we often hear the word vocation, we immediately assume a religious vocation, such as a priest or a nun. Yet, this role can mean so much more.

Join Vince and Father Andy as they discuss vocations and why they are important.

The Mass

How in the world could you boil The Mass down into only an hour?? Well, we couldn’t. Enjoy today’s longer episode on The Mass where Father Dan Hoffman joins Father Andy and Vince as they try to undertake the difficult task of explaining The Mass.

Marian Apparitions

In today’s episode, Father Andy and Vince chat with Father Dan Hoffman about the different approved Marian Apparitions. While the apparition of Mary is not a necessity for salvation, there are a few good reasons to believe in and pray for these apparitions. Join us as we discuss these miraculous moments in our church’s history!

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Let’s Prepare for Lent

In a week, we begin our journey through Lent, a time of Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving, Penance, and other deeds and prayers to prepare us for Easter. Yet Lent isn’t something that we should just wish away, nor is it a time to get into shape because you might give up sweets. So what exactly is Lent and what should we do or give up for this holy season? Listen to today’s episode where Father Andy and Vince chat about that!

Welcome to Monk on the Streets

In our episode this week, Vince and Father Andy talk with Brother Barnabas O’Reilly, a Benedictine monk at Saint Vincent Archabbey in Latrobe, PA.

Learn about Brother Barnabas and his call to the monastery as well as his job at Saint Vincent College as a full-time campus minister and full-time seminary student.


What does it mean to be a brother? Why should men have a sens of brotherhood? How should this look in life?

These are all questions men should be asking themselves. Not only should all men be looking for a brotherhood, we should be looking for authentic relationships, ones where we can be held accountable as well as looking out for each other. In today’s episode, Vince and Father Andy discuss brotherhood as well as ways to be in a brotherhood.

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