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Prayer Amongst Chaos

As we begin returning to our churches and public worship, we may find it difficult, or confusing on what to do. We may want to move faster than our parish or our diocese, but we must be patient. We may also fear returning to our churches or believe that we are moving too fast. In all of this, we must trust in God and His plan.

Join Father Andy, Vince, and AJ Gedney as they discuss prayer and moving forward in this tumultuous time.

Fiction and Story Telling in Evangelization

Have you ever read a really good book, or heard a really good story? Have you ever been able to put yourself into that story? When we can use our imagination, the story usually means something more to us.

Now, how can we use that in ministry? Where do we find that stories work well for evangelization? Some of the best stories for evangelization can be found in the parables that Jesus told us.

Join Vince, Father Andy, and Brother Barnabas as they contemplate the usage of fiction and story telling in evangelization

Divine Mercy Sunday

What is “mercy”? What separates mercy from grace? Where did “Divine Mercy Sunday” come from? There are a lot of questions surrounding this eighth day of the Easter Octave! Join Vince and Father Andy as they chat about their lives and the celebration of Mercy that we had this past Sunday.

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Easter at Home

Once again, a strange celebration has come upon us. We have celebrated most of Lent at home, all of Holy Week at home, and now Easter, the highest Holy Day in the Christian calendar.

So how are we celebrating these holy days? And how do we make them special? Let’s chat about that!

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