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Why Catholic?

Often we are asked why we are Catholic, or why the Catholic Church. Why not just join a more “hip,” or “up-to-date,” or more “with-the-times” church. Well, lots of good reasons! Join Father Andy, Vince, Brother Barnabas, and AJ Gedney as they discuss the reasons for the Church as they discuss often heard reasons against the Church. And no, don’t adjust your dial! We were experiencing lots of technical difficulties during this recording, so enjoy the random “bloopers” and out-takes.

The Rock

In this past Sunday’s Gospel reading, we hear Christ proclaim that Peter is the rock, and not only the rock, but the specific rock that HE, Jesus, will build His Church upon. With this deceleration, we find the beginnings of The Catholic Church, and how it impacts us an our faith today.

Join Vince and Father Andy as they discuss the faith, and the importance of this Gospel Passage.

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What exactly is service, and what does it mean to offer service? And what exactly does service look in the Christian’s life? Join Father Andy and Vince as they discuss Christian service and service of ones time, talent, and treasure.

Stewards of Our Environment

As members of the human population, and residents of the Earth, as well as creations of God, we have a responsibility to care for our common home of Earth. We have a God-given obligation to care for His Creation, and that includes the world around us.

So how exactly does the Church call out to her members to care for our common home? And what does that mean for us? Join Vince and Brother Barnabas as they discuss the role of Stewards of Our Environment this week.

Gather ‘Round

Join us as we discuss some topics around our proverbial campfire. Join Father Andy, Vince, Father Joe Petrone, and AJ Gedney. If you have a topic you would like to suggest, let us know over at info (at)

There is no duplicity in him

When speaking of Saint Bartholomew, Christ said “Here is a true child of Israel. There is no duplicity in him (Jn 1:47).” What exactly does it mean to not be duplicitous? Why should we strive for such an attribute? Join Vince and Father Andy as they discuss this very important topic and discuss ways to be honest and transparent in today’s world

How will you evangelize?

In all that we do, we are to follow the command of Christ to “go into all the world and proclaim the Good News.” (Mk 16:15) We have set a goal for ourselves to continue this proclamation, and as we move forward, we want your input: we want to know how you plan to continue to proclaim the Gospel in all that you do.

Join Father Andy and Vince as they discuss different ways that they plan on evangelizing in this world as well as some ways that we all can try to continue to spread the Good News.