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Tag: Episode 7

Spiritual Warfare

As the Jewish people waited for their Messiah, they were expecting a great military leader to descend from the heavens and lead them into war against the occupying forces: the Romans and their empire. What they didn’t expect was a child king to appear to them, yet that is exactly what the prophets had proclaimed for generations before.

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The Story of Christmas

Emmanuel, God IS with us!

Today, we have so much to celebrate. The Savior, who came to feed the nations by sacrificing Himself for our sins was born. He had to become flesh to die for our sins, and so, as all the prophets foretold of Him, and the Virgin Mother longed for Him beyond all telling, He has come to His people to set them free! Our salvation is with us, and this is why we celebrate!

Join Vince and Fr. Andy as they discuss the Manger scene as well as other personal traditions.