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Tag: Episode 27


After a month hiatus, the gang is back! Between Father Andy moving and starting in a new parish assignment, Deacon AJ starting his summer assignment, Brother Deacon Barnabas settling in for summer at the Monastery, and the changes of life for Mr. Vince Dragone as a father and spouse, we come back together to discuss these transitions in life.

Fiction and Story Telling in Evangelization

Have you ever read a really good book, or heard a really good story? Have you ever been able to put yourself into that story? When we can use our imagination, the story usually means something more to us.

Now, how can we use that in ministry? Where do we find that stories work well for evangelization? Some of the best stories for evangelization can be found in the parables that Jesus told us.

Join Vince, Father Andy, and Brother Barnabas as they contemplate the usage of fiction and story telling in evangelization