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Catholic Weekly Review – January 22, 2021

Take the time this weekend to check out these recent stories

Hundreds reportedly dead after massacre at Oriental Orthodox church in Ethiopia

There was some confusion when this story first came out that this could be misinformation. I think as of right now, it’s still up in the air exactly what happened since the country has been blocking access to journalists for months now. If this is true, this massacre is a terrible tragedy. We must continue to pray for Christians everywhere.

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Catholic Weekly Review – January 15, 2021

Take the time this weekend to check out these recent stories

Aliens and AI: Catholic society looks at science questions from a faith perspective

Do aliens have rational souls? Should we evangelize them?

They also wanted to dispel the myth that Catholicism and science are somehow opposed. “People think that the world of science is completely atheistic, because up until now, atheist scientists have been much more outspoken,” Barr said. “We wanted…to make people aware that there are a lot of religious scientists out there, including a lot of believing Catholics.”

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Catholic Weekly Review – December 18, 2020

Take the time this weekend to check out these recent stories

NYC cathedral gunman’s note says he planned to take hostages

Scary stuff. Thank God the police were nearby and were willing to stop this man as soon as they did. As someone who has studied criminal behavior, I’m convinced that this man changed his mind at the last minute and committed suicide by cop when he was met with immediate force. Otherwise he would have probably gone through with his plan. I brought up two weeks ago that churches really need to start taking security seriously. If the police were not on scene right away, the outcome could have been a lot worse.

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