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Eucharistic Revival

December 14, 2022

After the 2019 Pew Poll (Listen here to our discussion on this poll) discussing the fact that very few people believe in the Real Presence in the Eucharist, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops have asked the churches of the United States to enter into a time of Eucharistic Revival. This time of revival is scheduled over a three year timeline, having already started this past June and concluding with a Eucharistic Congress in July of 2024, is an opportunity to return to the basics of our faith.

Join Vince and Father Andy as they discuss this important topic of Eucharistic Revival and the plans for these three years. As always, make sure to like, share, and subscribe to us! If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us!

Pew Research poll and report

Catechism of the Catholic Church on The Eucharist

The Plan for the Eucharistic Revival

A ‘deeper walk with Jesus’ – Eucharistic revival plans walking US pilgrimages (The Pillar)

Here it is! Here is what we are labeling the pseudo “Pope-Mobile” for the Eucharistic Congress
“An electric vehicle likely to be used during the 2024 Eucharistic pilgrimages. Courtesy photo.” – The Pillar

The Paschal Triduum

March 31, 2021

At the end of our Lenten Sacrifice, the Church calls us into the three most holy days of our liturgical year. On Holy Thursday morning, traditionally Diocese throughout the world will celebrate the Chrism Mass. In this special mass, all priests of the diocese renew their promises made at ordination, and the holy oils for the diocese are blessed and consecrated. On Holy Thursday night, the church celebrates the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, where we celebrate the Last Supper and the first Holy Mass. On Good Friday, we celebrate the Passion of Christ where we read from the Passion Narrative according to the Gospel of John as well as adore the Holy Cross and pray for the world. On Holy Saturday during the day, no liturgies can be celebrated. This day, on Saturday in the daytime, nothing happens as Christ rests in the tomb. At sunset, the church celebrates the Easter Vigil, which includes a special fire, lots of candles, many readings and hymns, and the return of the Great Alleluia! These three very holy days hold so many mysteries and special prayers for the church at large.

Living in a monastery, these three very holy days take on even more of a solemn tone. Join Father Andy, Vince, and Brother Barnabas as Brother Barnabas talks about the celebration of the Triduum in the Monastery at Saint Vincent Monastery in Latrobe, PA.

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