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Prepare for Christmas this year by joining the Encounter Mercy team along a Lectio Divina journey as we read through the entire Gospel of Luke over the 24 days of December before Christmas.

So, how does one pray in the act of Lectio Divina? Let’s start with an understanding of the phrase. When we say Lectio Divina, we are saying Divine Reading. The practice of Divine Reading includes time for listening and reading scripture and allowing that scripture to penetrate our hearts and minds and souls.

In the recordings provided for each day, the presenter will start with a prayer of some sort, read the Gospel chapter, and then provide a reflection of the passage. We encourage you to take some time to pause the audio and reflect upon the passage before moving forward with the recorded reflection. In all of this, the most important part of this is to enter into the experience of prayer as we prepare our minds and hearts and souls for the Coming of the King.