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Catholic Weekly Review – January 8, 2021

Take the time this weekend to check out these recent stories

US Catholic bishops demand peace replace violence after protesters disrupt Capitol

Pray for our country. Pray for our leaders. 

If Biden is to heal America, he’ll need his Church

We must always remember that Catholicism transcends politics. Jesus was not a political leader like many people thought he would be. 

‘Amen’ is not gendered, and ‘A-woman’ is nonsense, Hebrew scholar says

It’s becoming harder and harder to be charitable towards others when you have things like this going on in society. We spoke about this and how we as Catholics should focus our energy in the world in our latest podcast episode.

Archbishop Gänswein to Catholic journalists: Be brave like Mother Angelica

…Speaking of going out into the world. This doesn’t just apply to journalists. We can all learn something from this in how we interact with the world.

Bible podcast becomes most popular

“I think it reveals a lot about people’s hunger.  I think it reveals it’s the new year they want to make a change.”

Find it where you listen to podcasts or register here: 

Nigerian bishop, driver released by kidnappers

Pray for the Church in Africa. They are truly on the front lines. 

Coronavirus, vaccines, and mutating strains of authority

There seems to be a great deal of voices speaking out about the Church’s moral teaching on the COVID-19 vaccine.

Australia’s Catholic bishops seek answers about mystery billions linked to Vatican

For anyone following the Vatican financial scandal. This onion has many layers.

That’s all for this week. Make sure to bookmark so you can easily return each week for more.

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