Spiritual Warfare

January 7, 2021

As the Jewish people waited for their Messiah, they were expecting a great military leader to descend from the heavens and lead them into war against the occupying forces: the Romans and their empire. What they didn’t expect was a child king to appear to them, yet that is exactly what the prophets had proclaimed for generations before.

The prophets also proclaimed that we would enter into warfare, but not the type of warfare that people expected. Rather, Jesus the Christ came to us, leading us in a spiritual warfare. We know how this war ends: the Christ wins; peace will be upon us all; we shall enter into the Heavenly Kingdom. That does not mean that we sit back and watch, rather we must enter into battle. We are not fighting a physical war, but rather one that requires special attention: prayer. Our world is in chaos, and we must respond in LOVE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, PRAYER.

Join Father Andy and Vince as they discuss the importance of prayer in this time of our lives.

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