Catholic Weekly Review – December 11, 2020

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Pope declares year of St. Joseph, offering special indulgences

We don’t know a lot about St. Joseph, but we do know that he was a protective, loving, and obedient father in which all men should look up to.

Fifteen ways to gain an indulgence in the Year of St. Joseph

In case you were wondering how you can gain an indulgence during the Year of St. Joseph.

Advent is a Time to Evangelize and Proclaim the Joy of Christmas

What are you doing to proclaim the joy of Christmas? Evangelization seems difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are struggling to evangelize others, just try to keep it simple.

The World’s Largest Nativity Scene is in Alicante, Spain

The work features a 59-foot-tall Joseph, set alongside figures of the Blessed Mother and the newborn Christ.

Tradition and the Meaning of Art

Can it be called art if it doesn’t have traditional roots? A look at G. K. Chesterton and his view of art and modernity. 

Episode #469 – A Dialogue of Self & Soul

Great episode from the guys at Catholic Stuff You Should know about getting to know yourself and not relegating yourself to what Big Tech thinks you are. 

For Advent, Let’s Focus on Simplicity

In our complex world, simplicity isn’t always simple. The author does a great job of laying out the steps to make this Advent more simple, all the while growing your relationship with Christ. 

New Vatican guide for bishops addresses common challenges to Christian unity

The Vatican published Friday a guide with suggestions for Catholic bishops to promote unity with other Christian communities, offering practical advice for how to overcome common challenges to ecumenism.


Link to the actual document from the Vatican.

Pope Francis’ News of the Millennium

Speaking of dialog, what do you think of this author’s predictions of the Orthodox coming back into communion with Rome?

Should We Become Eastern Orthodox? W/ Erick Ybarra

…And if you are still interested in this topic check out this recent episode of Pints with Aquinas where Matt Fradd speaks with Erick Ybarra about some of the challenges that may prevent schism from ending anytime soon.

Remember Syrians This Christmas

This year is hard for all of us, but we must remember those who are much worse off.

Syrian Christians endured genocide for years at the hands of ISIS and have also suffered through the collateral damage of a nearly-decade-long civil war, Fr. Cislo said, yet the world does not recognize the dire nature of their situation. Unemployment is high and many families are in need of basic assistance such as heating oil.

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