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Catholic Weekly Review – December 4, 2020

Take the time this weekend to check out these recent stories

The State of Theology

Interesting and disturbing insights on how US Christians look at church teachings. You can narrow it down to Catholics in the filter on the left hand side of the screen. You can also check out our recent podcast episode where we break down all of the responses.

Variations in Season of Advent in the Western Liturgical Tradition

There are different traditions outside of the Latin Rite

The Ambrosian rite is not alone in this, for likewise within the Mozarabic rite are six Sundays of Advent also observed. In fact, if you look historically at the season of Advent you will see various numbers mentioned in relation to its duration, from three, four, five to six Sundays depending on time and place.

Archaeologist Disputes Biblical Height of Goliath


For all you Bible history geeks out there

How to Make Prayer into a Conversation with God


Conversation is a two way street. We need to take the time to listen as well. You can also check out our recent podcast episode on contemplative prayer.

Vienna terror attack reportedly intended to target church youth group

I think it is time that Catholic churches invest in security measures. We are beginning to see a lot more attacks on Christian churches all around the world. Many of our Protestant brothers and sisters have already implemented security ministries that have paid off.

10 Easy Ways to Create a Safer Church this Sunday

Speaking of church security measures…

Supreme Court vacates ruling on California church closures

These cases are very important as the verdicts will have implications for years to come for religious liberties

Scholar: Paper books essential for kids’ developing brains

An important subject for anyone with young kids.

She stressed that she is not anti-technology, but said the science shows that physical books are necessary to foster “literacy in the fullest sense – and by that I mean a proficient, deep reading brain – I want that for our children, for our next generation. I want it for our world.”

That’s all for this week. Make sure to bookmark so you can easily return each week for more.

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