Evangelization is what all Catholics are called to do. In our modern world the ability to reach people far and wide has never been easier. What can Christians do to evangelize in today’s society? In this episode, we talk about how to spread the faith through the use of podcasts, social media, virtual reality, augmented reality, websites, and much more.

Episode 2, Season 1


  • There is a third person listening besides your mom and grandma 🙂
    One point about the audience: even if NO ONE is listening, when Bill W. was laying the ground work for what would become Alcoholics Anonymous, he was doing so by seeking to “scrape people off the bar stools” by sharing of his spiritual awakening and his new way of life. After 6 months, he persuaded no one to join him in this endeavor. As he expressed to his wife how disheartened he was at his lack of success, his wife noted that he was not unsuccessful at all because throughout the process of sharing he helped to maintain and solidify HIS OWN sobriety. Many meet in Small Faith Groups that vary in many ways and are unrecorded and unshared beyond their own group… and nonetheless these encounters benefit each member.

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