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Have you ever wondered why the Catholic Church is so different from any other Christian church out there? Why do we pray to saints? Why do we put so much emphasis on Mary? Are you a Catholic that gets frustrated with the Church for not keeping up with the times? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Encounter Mercy Podcast is for you.

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Our Latest Episode

  • Till Death Do Us Part – Part 2

    Till Death Do Us Part – Part 2

    Marriage is such an important union, and so taking care of a relationship is number one in our list. But what does that mean? Join Vince and Father Andy as they discuss this very important sacrament.

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  • Till Death Do Us Part – Part 1

    Till Death Do Us Part – Part 1

    Death: a topic we are careful to avoid. Have you ever thought about all the ways we allude to death in our speech without ever saying the word “death?” Passed on, fell asleep, went home, went to their reward, departed this earth, passed away, departed, gone, slipped away, lost the battle, succumbed to life, kicked the bucket, went to be with the Lord, went to Heaven, met his Maker, was called home, is in a better place, the list goes on.

    But why are we so afraid of saying it? Why are we so afraid of saying people die, and that we all will eventually die? Join Vince and Father Andy as they discuss death in the Christian life, and the importance to discuss death in our lives.

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  • Why Catholic?

    Why Catholic?

    Often we are asked why we are Catholic, or why the Catholic Church. Why not just join a more “hip,” or “up-to-date,” or more “with-the-times” church. Well, lots of good reasons! Join Father Andy, Vince, Brother Barnabas, and AJ Gedney as they discuss the reasons for the Church as they discuss often heard reasons against the Church. And no, don’t adjust your dial! We were experiencing lots of technical difficulties during this recording, so enjoy the random “bloopers” and out-takes.

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  • The Rock

    The Rock

    In this past Sunday’s Gospel reading, we hear Christ proclaim that Peter is the rock, and not only the rock, but the specific rock that HE, Jesus, will build His Church upon. With this deceleration, we find the beginnings of The Catholic Church, and how it impacts us an our faith today.

    Join Vince and Father Andy as they discuss the faith, and the importance of this Gospel Passage.

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  • Service


    What exactly is service, and what does it mean to offer service? And what exactly does service look in the Christian’s life? Join Father Andy and Vince as they discuss Christian service and service of ones time, talent, and treasure.

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