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Have you ever wondered why the Catholic Church is so different from any other Christian church out there? Why do we pray to saints? Why do we put so much emphasis on Mary? Are you a Catholic that gets frustrated with the Church for not keeping up with the times? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Encounter Mercy Podcast is for you.

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19 hours ago

Encounter Mercy
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1 day ago

Encounter Mercy
This goes right along with our most recent episode on raising children in the faith. Take a listen wherever you listen to podcasts. ...
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2 days ago

Encounter Mercy
Have a burning question you want to ask? Want to send in some audio feedback? Give us a call!Call us at +1 (814) 636-6412You might just hear your message in our next episode! ...
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Our Latest Episode

  • Raising Catholic Children

    Raising Catholic Children

    There are many issues and obstacles in the world that undermine Catholic morality and spirituality within our culture. Join Vince and Jesse as they discuss how to raise children in a secular world. Resources: Religious Parenting by Christian Smith

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  • Bridge Builders

    Bridge Builders

    Building bridges between bodies of believers and non-believers is an important task in our role as ministers of the faith. But what does that mean exactly for us in the pews? Join Vince, Jesse, and Father Andy as they discuss this important role in our church today.

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  • Searching for and Maintaining Peace

    Searching for and Maintaining Peace

    Finding the peace we discussed last week can be difficult, especially when we find ourselves in a state of sin. Other times peace can seem elusive when we focus totally on ourselves and our own abilities. Peace is something that we need to seek out each and every day of our lives, yet can be a difficult journey.

    Join Father Andy and Deacon AJ Gedney as they search for this peace in today’s episode.

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  • Peace Be With You

    Peace Be With You

    Have you ever encountered someone or something that irritates you, and you’ve wanted to scream? Or maybe a situation that causes you fear or pain? It seems to be a part of our lives, yet there are healthy ways to deal with these situations.

    Join Father Andy, Vince, and Br. Barnabas as they discuss how to bring peace to these situations.

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  • The Future of the Church

    The Future of the Church

    Recently, two bits of information hit the public that has caused some members of the church a great deal of worry and fear. These two documents show that there is a great decline in church membership in the United States as well as the state of religion with young people. These two combined show a disheartening reality that faces the church. This reality is that our church is shrinking, and in fact, all of Christianity seems to be shrinking. So, what do we do? Do we fear and hide? Or do we respond with prayer and hard work? But what is this hard work, and how do we reverse this dismal situation?

    Join Deacon(!!) AJ Gedney, Jesse Spanogle, and Fr. Andy as they discuss this topic and this situation in our world today.

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