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Have you ever wondered why the Catholic Church is so different from any other Christian church out there? Why do we pray to saints? Why do we put so much emphasis on Mary? Are you a Catholic that gets frustrated with the Church for not keeping up with the times? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Encounter Mercy Podcast is for you.

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Our Latest Episode

  • Making a Saint

    Making a Saint

    How does someone become a Saint, and who can become saints? What is their role and why ask their intercession? Join Fr. Andy and Vince as they discuss the Saints today!

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  • Self-Knowledge


    Knowing yourself and who you are is important; it allows for each of us to come to a greater understanding of our motives, and what makes us tick. An old phrase often spoken about this topic is self-knowledge leads to self-acceptance, which leads to self-gift.

    Join Brother Barnabas and AJ this week as they journey along the path of self-knowledge.

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  • An Attack on Our Church

    An Attack on Our Church

    Our world is currently in turmoil, and the world seems to be falling apart. With that, there have been attacks on our church, both physically and spiritually. What does this mean for us, and what should we do about it?

    Join Vince, Father Andy and AJ as they discuss these troubling times in our world.

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  • Welcome Back To…

    Welcome Back To…

    The Encounter Mercy Podcast with your host… AJ? Brother Barnabas? Wait… What happened?

    No, no, don’t adjust your device. Join Brother Barnabas and AJ, now new co-hosts, as they take over the podcast this week!

    Let us know what you think! AJ and Brother Barnabas will be co-hosting from time to time, providing some great banter and discussions. Let us know of any topics you would like to have discussed!

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  • Till Death Do Us Part – Part 2

    Till Death Do Us Part – Part 2

    Marriage is such an important union, and so taking care of a relationship is number one in our list. But what does that mean? Join Vince and Father Andy as they discuss this very important sacrament.

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